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Immunization Clinic Keeps Up the Good Work During Busy Times, Receives Award

The past few weeks have been a busy time for Buncombe County’s Immunization Clinic. With back-to-school season requiring school-aged youth to get their vaccinations, the release of the new COVID-19 vaccine, and the start of the season for the flu vaccine, there has been an increase in people coming in to get services.

With this high influx, the immunization team was not only able to meet demand but do so with the same high quality of service it always provides.

Recently, the team received the Most Administered Vaccinations award from CureMD, a company providing Electronic Health Record software that serves health departments across the U.S. including 56 North Carolina counties. The award recognized the Buncombe County Public Health Department for having 10,000 appointments over FY22 and FY23. 

Vaccination Numbers Snapshot:

  • Provided 214 new COVID-19 vaccines in the first week of October
  • Saw 352 children in September 2023, compared to 91 during a normal month
  • Provided a total of 1830 vaccines in September 2023, compared to 712 during a normal month

We want to recognize the hard work of the immunization team for handling this increase in clients so well over the past few weeks. Additionally, the team wants to specifically recognize Program Supervisor Whitney Miller, who was instrumental in “keeping the calm” with the group as their acting on-site supervisor.

A note from the team at the Immunization Clinic:

"We want to give a major shout-out to Whitney, who has been a go-to person in charge amidst the busiest time for the immunization clinic of the year. They have helped organize the chaos from check-in to check-out, answered multiple questions from clients and staff, come in early, left late, and just in general has been a calming voice of reason.”

Buncombe County appreciates the work of the Immunization Clinic and of Whitney’s amidst a busy vaccination season. Join us in thanking them for their hard work!

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Updated Oct 20, 2023 08:07 AM
Published Oct 13, 2023 12:00 PM

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