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Buncombe County Parks & Recreation Opens Registration for Fall Family Campout

Buncombe County Parks and Recreation is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated Fall Family Campout at Lake Julian Park, located at 37 Lake Julian Road in Arden. This year's campout will be occurring from Saturday, September 9 through Sunday, September 10. Registration will be open from August 7 through August 31. This event promises a weekend filled with camping fun, nature, and cherished memories as families come together to sleep under the stars.

In a world of modern conveniences, the Fall Family Campout offers a unique opportunity for families to connect to nature while relishing in an age-old pastime. "Celebrating the wonders of nature and fostering a lifelong bond with the great outdoors is best achieved by a night of camping beneath the night sky,” remarked Mac Stanley, Buncombe County Parks and Recreation’s program coordinator. “We are delighted to provide an opportunity for all generations to connect with the natural world and forge lasting connections with one another.”

Lake Julian Park, which typically does not allow overnight camping, will open its doors strictly for this event. This campout is specially designed for first-time campers and requires no prior camping experience. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own tents, sleeping bags and camping chairs to enjoy this effortless backyard campout.

The event will be brimming with exciting activities for all ages. Campers can participate in engaging demonstrations by SAWS (Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards) as well as Appalachian Wildlife Refuge. There will be nature walks, pontoon boat rides, and the chance to gather around a traditional campfire to enjoy some s'mores. Additionally, the Asheville Sailing Club will host an introductory sailing class, adding to the diverse range of experiences available.

Dinner and breakfast will be provided for attendees by Buncombe County Parks and Recreation along with REI. Participants are permitted to bring coolers with snacks, but alcohol is not allowed at this event.

Before You Go:

  • Tickets for this event will only be available from Monday, August 7 through Thursday, August 31.
  • Check-in is from 12-1:30 p.m. Vehicles will not be allowed into the park after 1:30 p.m.
  • Dinner and breakfast are included.
  • Participants must bring their own tents, sleeping bags and camping chairs.
  • Campers should be packed up by 12 p.m. on Sunday.
  • To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants, pets and alcohol are not permitted at this event.

Join us for this fantastic Fall Family Campout, where the magic of nature and the camaraderie of family and friends create a memorable experience for everyone. Embrace the opportunity to connect with the natural world and each other, as we celebrate the beauty of the outdoors and the joy of camping.

For further information and registration details, please follow this link.

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Updated Aug 11, 2023 08:50 AM
Published Aug 07, 2023 10:02 AM