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Clean Air Excellence Award Presented to Dynamite Coffee

Since 2004, the local Asheville-Buncombe Air Quality Agency recognizes local businesses and organizations that surpass air quality rules and regulations to adopt voluntary, innovative programs that include emissions reductions that lead to improved air quality and regional visibility in our area. This year, the Asheville-Buncombe Air Quality Agency presents the Clean Air Excellence Award to Dynamite Roasting Company, LLC.

Dynamite Roasting Company, LLC (Dynamite) is a coffee roasting company in Black Mountain committed to customers, growers, and environmental stewardship by providing a fresh product to the immediate community by offering certified organic and fair-trade products. The company has installed solar panel systems at their production facility (52 kW) in Swannanoa and at their coffee shop (7 kW) in Black Mountain, and in 2022 they became the first local business to invest in an electric delivery van, furthering their goal of positive environmental stewardship. The van is charged at their production facility, which has a solar photovoltaic system that produces approximately 15 times more energy than is utilized at the site.

The 2022 Ford E Transit fully electric Sprinter van, the first to be purchased in WNC, is part of the company’s efforts to be more environmentally friendly and reduce their emissions, including their carbon footprint. With a range of roughly 140 miles, the van is able to make all of its deliveries as usual. The van saves Dynamite money with lower maintenance and fuel costs compared to their previous gaspowered van. Dynamite does not pay for electricity at their production facility. In fact, because they produce more energy than they use, they have the capacity to add additional electric vehicles. Cofounder Andy Gibbon is also considering a future fully electric car. Dynamite staff are also taking advantage of the solar array during the day to re-charge their personal electric vehicles.

The emissions reductions associated with the renewable energy systems and the electric delivery van are approximately 102,600 pounds of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide), 50 pounds of nitrogen oxides, and 10 pounds of sulfur dioxide and fine particles per year.1 The annual energy production from both locations is enough to power 5 homes for an entire year. 2 In addition to the climate change benefits associated with greenhouse gas emissions reductions, the reductions of nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter lessen ground level ozone and acid deposition, benefiting our health.

Companies like Dynamite are a great model for the benefits of solar power and associated tax credits. By investing in renewable energy and cleaner transportation choices they are saving money, reducing air pollution, and advancing sustainable business practices.

The award was presented at the beginning of the AB Air Quality Board Meeting on July 31. For additional information, please contact the Agency at 828- 250-6777,, or visit the website at

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Updated Aug 15, 2023 07:14 PM
Published Jul 31, 2023 03:05 PM

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