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Employee Spotlight: National Nurses Week - NFP and Care Coordination Shout Out

As we continue to spotlight the amazing work of nurses this week, we recognize two groups of nursing professionals that oftentimes go under the radar but their work with infant and maternal health is life-changing for many babies, women, and families. Let’s learn more about the rockstar teams of Nurse Family Partnership and Care Coordination!

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)

“Our purpose is to empower moms and other birthing parents to transform their lives and create better futures for themselves and their babies. Specific evidence-based results of NFP are improved pregnancy outcomes, improved child health and development, and improved economic self-sufficiency of families,” Public Health Nurse Supervisor April Baur says.

For enrollment in the program, a first-time parent must be enrolled before 29 weeks of gestation and those with one or more kids must be enrolled before delivery.

The goal of the NFP is to instill preventive health practices which include diet, reduction of cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal substances as well as improving child health and development and economic self-sufficiency.

April says NFP nurses receive extensive training to support parents.

“The nurses offer clinical assessment to identify health issues, parenting education using evidence-based frameworks, and connection to community resources,” April says. “NFP nurses become a trusted resource for families and help each family to reach their goals for parenting and beyond.”

As the supervisor, April says she is most proud of the amazing work NFP nurses do to serve parents across the community.

“Each of the nurses truly puts their heart into the work and makes a difference for families every day,” she says.

Services: The County’s NFP is an evidence-based community health program that helps improve the lives of those who become pregnant and their families. Each parent served by NFP is partnered with a registered nurse early in the pregnancy and receives ongoing nurse home visits through the child’s second birthday.
Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Supervisor: April Baur

Care Coordination

Eligible children for the Care Coordination program include those who have special health care needs, are exposed to toxic stress in early childhood, are in the foster care system and need to be linked to a Medical Home, and in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and need assistance as they transition back to the community.

The team is made up of four nurses and five social workers who “foster strong relationships between families and their medical providers to ensure that our community stays connected to the services they need to stay healthy and resilient,” says Public Health Nurse Supervisor Beth Russell.

The nurses use their skills to reinforce the education families receive from their providers and to explain a provider’s plan of care in a way that makes it easier for families to understand.

Beth says she is proud of Care Coordination nurses who continue their education and are always there for the community.

“Angel Coffey just obtained her Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration as a Nurse Educator,” Beth says. “My nurses are some of the first people to volunteer whenever there has been a need for something they can help with. We have an amazing team!”

Services: Care Coordination in Buncombe County has two programs; Care Management for High-Risk Pregnancies and Care Management for At-risk Children. Care Coordinators organize patient care and share information among all participants in a patient’s care.

  • The children’s program serves kids up to 5 years old who meet specific risk criteria. The program seeks to improve health outcomes and reduce costs for enrolled children. A child is partnered with a Care Manager who works with a local medical practice to coordinate roles and responsibilities and ensure the child receives the necessary care.
  • Pregnancy Care Management helps promote healthy parents and babies. The program provides care management for high-risk pregnant parents during pregnancy and for two months after delivery by a social worker or nurse.

Hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Supervisor: Beth Russel

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