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Betsy Sciavolino Honored with 2023 Children's Champion Award

Geoff Sidoli, MCAC Director, presents the Children’s Champion Award to Betsy Sciavolino

Pictured: Geoff Sidoli, MCAC Director, presents the Children’s Champion Award to Betsy Sciavolino

Buncombe County Health & Human Service’s own Betsy Sciavolino was recognized for her outstanding work in the difficult field of child protection. The Children’s Champion Award is awarded annually to a member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) that includes Law Enforcement, Buncombe County District Attorney’s office, Mission Children’s Clinic CME office and Child Safety Team, BC HHS and the Mountain Child Advocacy Center. 

Investigations Social Worker Betsy Sciavolino received this year’s Children’s Champion Award for her unwavering determination to protect and find justice for children and promote healthy families. Investigations Social Workers are charged with responding to reports of child abuse and neglect within limited time frames to assess the allegations to determine if the report is valid and then to mobilize resources to address the issues.

Her supervisor, Linda Opalewski, states “Betsy’s focus on child safety, while balancing the needs of children to remain with their families, is remarkable. She never complains about the workload or the long hours it takes to find the best outcomes for families.”

Tim Bradley, a Senior Detective in the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office, works in the Special Victims Unit and works closely with Child Protective Services. He was at the MDT meeting and acknowledged Betsy’s efforts by sharing a powerful and recent experience. “Just last week, we had a case and Betsy met us on scene. She was able to secure valuable information that enabled us to take immediate action to keep this child safe and was able to quickly activate resources from all our agencies to address the trauma that the child had experienced. She made a tremendous difference in the life of that child on that day. She brings great passion for the work and for partnering with the families and children that we work with.”  

While Betsy is not one for the spotlight, we’d like to echo the sentiment shared in the MDT and by her peers. Well done, Betsy!  



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Updated Apr 21, 2023 03:17 PM
Published Apr 18, 2023 02:00 PM