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The Great American Smokeout- November 17th

Started in 1977 by the American Cancer Society, the Great American Smokeout challenges Americans to live tobacco-free starting the third Thursday of November, if only for a day. However, for many individuals across our Nation, November sparks the planning process for a permanently tobacco-free future. The biggest difference between a successful quitting attempt and an unsuccessful one is a PLAN. Individuals who quit successfully often put a lot of thought into planning their quit attempt. Important considerations when creating your quit plan include:

  • Choosing the right method for you
    • There are many ways to quit and they all work for the right people. Some people do great with the cold turkey quit while others prefer the slow wean. There are a ton of different ways to quit! If you need some inspiration to find a plan that works best for you, check out this list from the American Cancer Society.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy has proven effective for many people who are trying to quit smoking. Tools like gum, patches, sprays, and even inhalers could be essential to making your quit attempt a success. 
  • Community Support from friends, family, and/or professionals is also key for many people as they are learning to adjust to a life free from nicotine. Resources like cessation therapists and quitline coaches often have personal experience quitting and are trained to support you through your experience. 
  • There are a ton of additional resources to pull from as you start your nicotine-free journey. Here is a list of tips to support your tobacco-free lifestyle.

Giving up smoking is a journey, and it can be hard, but you can increase your chances of success with a good plan and support. According to the American Cancer Society, getting help through counseling and medications doubles or even triples your chances of quitting successfully.  Pull from the resources above and do your own research to choose a quit strategy that works best for you and make November 17th the first step to your tobacco-free future. 

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Updated Dec 07, 2022 12:46 PM
Published Nov 14, 2022 11:25 AM

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