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Buncombe County Board of Commissioners Recognizes Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month

At its Sept. 20, 2022 meeting, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners formally proclaimed Sept. 15-Oct. 15, 2022 as Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month. The proclamation states in part:

WHEREAS, this year's theme, "Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation" reinforces the need to ensure diverse voices and perspectives are welcomed in decision-making processes, thereby helping to build stronger communities and a stronger nation; and

WHEREAS, Hispanics and Latinos have and continue to serve as Civil Rights leaders, politicians, military service members, educators, first responders, science pioneers, migrant workers, and public servants for our country; and

WHEREAS, Hispanics have enhanced and shaped our national character with centuries-old traditions that reflect the multi-ethnic and multicultural customs of their communities, while adding their own distinct and dynamic perspectives to the story of our country; and

WHEREAS, Hispanic and Latino Americans represent a significant and fast growing demographic of the Buncombe County, we honor the invaluable ways they contribute to our great community;

View the full proclamation in English and Spanish here.

The proclamation was formally presented by Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara to members of the PODER Emma community, Mä Hñäkihu community, founder Luis Carlos Serapio, and Buncombe County staff members Aaron Vidaurri and Lina Herrera Hernadez.

In honor of Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month, Buncombe County recently sat down for a talk with Community Member Luis Carlos Serapio and owner of Papusaria Patty’s, Patty Saenz, about what Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month means to them. Click here to view that video.

For answers to frequently asked questions about Hispanic and Latino/Latina/Latinx culture and traditions, Buncombe County staff members Paulina Mendez and Hector Salgado led this animated journey.

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