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Public Health at Mountain State Fair

Public Health at WORK! 

The Environmental Health Services (EHS) team was on site at the Mountain State Fair with 16 Health Inspectors ready to tackle the largest food inspection event of the year! They are tasked with inspecting 36 food vendors in a single afternoon before the fair opens to the public. Each year presents new and interesting challenges for vendors such as bad weather or hot water issues. This team responds by working creatively with vendors to problem solve with safety for all as the end goal. Inspections of this type include making sure the food is properly secured, food holding temperatures are accurate, hand washing stations are operational, and fly protection, food shields, and utensil washing stations are fully functional.

The TFE Team (Temporary Food Event) leads, Jennifer, Brittany, and Nikki- supported vendors prior to and during the event to ensure that vendors have what they need when they show up and that safety standards are met. A little known fact is that prior to the event, this team spends hours with vendors via planning phone calls to check food and water sources, verify food and water invoices, and review gray water discharge practices. In the spirit of innovation and customer service, the Food and Lodging Team continues to refine this process, most recently by creating a detailed guide for food vendors, helpful checklists, and arrangements for a smooth permitting process on site. They will be on site for the duration of the fair to ensure food safety by an initial inspection and two subsequent unannounced inspections over the course of the event.

Their work is a reminder of the critical role of public health in our community. While you might not know that there are people tasked with these important and life saving roles, Public Health is all around you- keeping you safe and healthy.

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Updated Dec 29, 2022 07:58 AM
Published Sep 09, 2022 11:42 AM