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Asheville City Council and Buncombe County Board of Commissioners File Class Action Lawsuit Against HCA Healthcare, Inc.

Buncombe County Administration Building

The City of Asheville and Buncombe County filed a class action antitrust lawsuit July 27, in Federal District Court against HCA Healthcare, Inc., Mission Hospital, and related business entities seeking injunctive relief and damages resulting from anticompetitive practices. The 59-page complaint details an extensive pattern of behavior by HCA intended to monopolize healthcare markets in western North Carolina, the result of which is artificially high prices for healthcare services and a reduced standard of care that has damaged, and continues to damage, local governments and private entities who act as self-insurers for their employees.  

“This action was taken with careful consideration,” said Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer. “The Asheville City Council and the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners felt it was necessary to take this step to bring an end to predatory practices that limit HCA Healthcare’s competition and clearly result in overpriced and limited choices in people’s healthcare. We believe this lawsuit will not only address the damages sustained by local governments and other self-insured organizations, but will also result in a fair and improved healthcare system for our entire community.”

Brownie Newman, Chair of the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners stated: “The County Commissioners are concerned that HCA’s business operations monopolize healthcare while artificially inflating prices, and self-insured organizations like ours have no other recourse. On behalf of our public employees and our community, we have a responsibility to challenge these unfair business practices that harm patients and families at a time they are often most vulnerable.” 

The filed lawsuit is attached below.                     

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Class Action Complaint 429 KB 07/28/2022 8:18 AM

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