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Buncombe Families Rush to Become Licensed Foster Parents

During Foster Parent Appreciation Month in May, the Buncombe County Foster Care Team in collaboration with the HHS communications team, ran a media blitz to grab the attention of potential foster parents and inspire them to start the licensing process. “The goal of our media push was to recruit potential foster parents and get the licensing process started so we can bring our kids back home,” says Amy Huntsman, Buncombe County Foster Care Supervisor.

After a story about the need for foster parents aired on my40 (a local news outlet) the Buncombe County Foster Care Department received inquiries from 9 potential foster families! Many of these families signed up for Foster Parent Training Classes that are currently in process. This was a breath of fresh air to the Foster Care staff at Buncombe County HHS. “Becoming a Foster Parent is a big decision and it can be really hard to recruit people who are serious about taking that leap,” Huntsman reflects. It was wonderful to see the impact of this media story and hopefully secure some new foster homes for kids in our community who need them the most.”

The H3 Collective is also offering a unique opportunity to a pair of current or prospective Buncombe foster parents. The H3 Collective provides family-based support to foster parents and the sibling groups in their care in Western North Carolina. The H3 Collective works to remove barriers from fostering by providing high-quality, free housing to their families, lifestyle supports like home maintenance, child care, and meals, as well as individualized resources to help meet each of your child's needs. A beautiful H3C house is under construction right now and they are accepting applications for house parents. Click here for more information about this unique opportunity and apply.

There has never been a better time to become a foster parent! Our experienced team of foster care social workers is prepared to support all potential, licensed, and active foster parents in Buncombe County. Space is running out in our next round of Foster Parent Training Classes so sign up now! Courses start on Thursday, October 4th at 5:45 PM at 200 College Street in Downtown Asheville. Visit or click here to sign up for Foster Parent Training Classes


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Updated Jul 20, 2022 02:52 PM
Published Jul 20, 2022 02:30 PM

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