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Employee Spotlight: Adam Zinke Makes Calculated Career Choice to Work for Recreation Services

While a math degree might not seem like a linear route to working in Recreation Services, for Adam Zinke – it was a calculated move. As we celebrate Parks and Recreation Month this July, we are highlighting some of our Recreation Services staff. Read Adam’s Q&A to learn more about how he deviated from his original plan and swapped crunching numbers for paddling boats.

Name and position: 
Adam Zinke – Administrative Coordinator II

How long have you worked for Buncombe County?
12 years if you include my seasonal work at Lake Julian

What inspired you to work in the Recreation Services industry?
When I graduated with a degree in mathematics, I was terrified that I would end up either stuck behind a monitor all day or working for an insurance company calculating how much they can get away with charging people. But when I moved to Asheville and lucked into a job in this department, my worries where dispelled. I contribute to something that is a net positive for the people that live here, get to play work outside, and still use my degree. It’s perfect.

What’s a hidden gem in the County’s recreation portfolio?
Birding tours at Lake Julian. Email Connor White for more info.

For Parks and Recreation month, what would you like people to think of or be aware of?
There is far too much we need to think about and be aware of. But for Parks & Recreation Month, people should go outside, touch some grass, and turn their brains off. They will be glad they did.

Learn more about all of the parks and services in Buncombe County's portfolio at Find the park closest to you at

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