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Buncombe County Sheriff's Office Awards Ceremony Photo Gallery

Buncombe County Sheriff's Office 2022 Awards Ceremony

On June 22, Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office hosted their Service Award Ceremony. This event celebrated the dedication and hard work by members of the Sheriff’s Office during COVID. 

“I want to acknowledge the utmost professionalism of our staff, who work day in and day out, exemplifying integrity and strength in a complex and often dangerous work environment. Our administrative staff, detention officers, detectives, patrol officers, school resource officers, and every member of our agency play a vital role in the criminal justice system and help serve our community as the premier leader in 21st Century Law Enforcement,” shares Buncombe Sheriff Quentin Miller.

During this event, the following Deputies who have earned their Advanced and Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate were recognized:

Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificates:

Bobby Anders – Intermediate

Bobby Anders – Intermediate Service

April Barnette – Intermediate

Michael Davis – Intermediate

Ethan Gibbs – Intermediate

Nathan Honeycutt – Intermediate

Tawny Jones – Intermediate

Jonathan Ray – Intermediate

Joshua Sims – Intermediate

Captain Angela Tullis – Intermediate

Captain Angela Tullis – Intermediate Service

Aaron Uldricks – Intermediate Detention Officer

Detective Sgt. Mark Walker – Intermediate

Detective Sgt. Mark Walker – Intermediate Service


Advanced Law Enforcement Certificates:

Bobby Anders – Advanced 

James Timothy Bradley – Advanced

James Timothy Bradley – Advanced Service

Thomas Kevin Bradley – Advanced 

Sgt. Robert Foster – Advanced

Sgt. Sarah Holmes – Advanced

Nathan Honeycutt – Advanced

Sgt. Mandy Ladd – Advanced

Linzey McMahan – Advanced

Paul O’Connor – Advanced

Dane Onderdonk – Advanced

Jared Porshia – Advanced

Jonathan David Ray – Advanced

Mark A Russell – Advanced

Mark A Russell – Advanced Service

Captain Angela Tullis – Advanced

Detective Sgt. Mark Walker – Advanced

During the ceremony those who have recently retired from the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office were recognized for their service to our community.

Bobby Anders, 16 years of service

Nick Baxevanis, 11 years of service

Captain Kevin Calhoun, 15 years of service

Lieutenant Courtney Mumm, 26 years of service

Sergeant Kelli Tinsley, 26 years of service

Lieutenant Jeffrey Eaton, 24 years of service

Sergeant Mike Sparks, 27 years of service

Deputies and Detention Officers often intervene in dangerous or quickly evolving situations as part of their duties. During the past two years a number of these situations involved individuals trying to harm themselves and Deputies or Detention Officers heroically intervened.

The following Life Saving Awards were presented:

Lt. Dustin Meissner

Andy Raines

Karen Luck

Derek Reed

Pete Watkins

Jason Ratcliff

Wendy Rathbone

Christopher Centola

Dean Clontz

Sgt. Robert Foster

Joseph Gorman

Sheriff Commendations and Service Awards in recognition of leadership, commitment and service to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office were also presented: 

Sheriff Commendation: Sgt. Bryan Freeborn

Sheriff Commendation: Keenan Nesbitt

Sheriff Commendation: Matthew Owenby

Sheriff Commendation: David Reed

Sheriff Commendation: Aaron Sarver

BCSO SERVE Volunteer Service Award: Rafael Jimenez

BCSO Civilian Employee of the Year: Henrietta Shook

BCSO Investigator of the Year: Detective Tawny Jones

BCSO Courts Deputy of the Year: Tesha McBeth

BCSO Detention Deputy of the Year: Jennifer Maney

BCSO Detention Supervisor of the Year: Sgt. Bryan Rowland

BCSO School Resource Officer of the Year: Jared Porshia

BCSO Enforcement Supervisor: Lt. Kelly Ball

BCSO Deputy of the Year: Sgt. Sarah Holmes


Congratulations to those recognized for their achievements, dedication, service, and commitment to Buncombe County. 

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