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Board of Commissioners Approves Letter of Support for New Hospital

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Board of Commissioners Approves Letter of Support for New Hospital

Citing a desire to increase choices for patients to receive high-quality healthcare and more opportunities for medical professionals to build careers, the Buncombe County Commissioners approved a letter of support for an alternatively owned hospital during their regular meeting on June 7.

The 2022 State Medical Facilities Plan has identified a need for 67 acute-care beds in the Buncombe-Madison-Yancey-Graham service area, which presents a rare opportunity to introduce a new hospital provider and stimulate competition.

Since 1995, Mission has operated as the sole hospital provider in Buncombe County. After the not-for-profit health care system was sold to for-profit HCA in 2019, residents have been increasingly vocal of their desire for improved access and patient choice.

“The letter does not endorse any one organization but does endorse that we would like to see alternatives, and possibly the presence of a nonprofit,” said Chair Newman. “If we do approve this letter, I just want to make it clear that it is not just from the Chair but is on behalf of the entire Board of Commissioners.”

Commissioner Wells echoed “We clearly hear from the community that they would like choice.”

The letter reads in part:

“A new hospital in the Asheville area would mean more choices for patients to receive high-quality health care close to home and more opportunities for dedicated medical professionals to build their careers in our community. For these reasons, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners urges the Division of Health Service Regulation to approve a nonprofit acute health care choice in the Asheville area such as Advent Health or Novant Health. This will offer patients and physicians choice for the first time in Buncombe County and will provide a much-needed service for the growth population in the Buncombe-Graham-Madison-Yancey County service area.”

Read the entire letter here.

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