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Annual Report Now Available


In a snapshot FY21 was a great year. BCSWCD leveraged $990,000 in funds for agriculture easements and increased our conserved acres to 1,594.6 in Buncombe County. Despite the global pandemic environmental education programs were able to adapt and continue. Buncombe County won the soils track at the State Envirothon! BCSWCD pioneered a new initiative that allows students to independently monitor water quality for potential issues while collaboratively identifying and implementing solutions. The seedling sale sold over 9,000 seedlings and plants and profited $7,528.05. Our technical assistance programs continued and brought in over $128,348 in leveraged funds for 17 cost-share and AgWRAP contracts. Our equipment rental program was a success bringing in $1,700 while also adding a new payment portal to better serve our community. This is only a small portion of the success for BCSWCD.

Thank you to all our partners and Buncombe County Government for your continued support of our programs. Without our partnerships, FY21 would not have been as successful as it was!

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Updated Oct 25, 2021 09:28 AM
Published Oct 18, 2021 07:00 AM