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Recap: Comprehensive Plan Kickoff Week

Comp Plan - Kickoff Week

From Planning & Development:

Oct. 11-13, 2021 was the kickoff week for the Buncombe County Comprehensive plan process to begin.

Oct. 11, 2021

On Oct. 11, the consultant, Clarion, visited the county to meet in person with staff and other local agencies.  Agencies and County Departments represented are listed below. The purpose of the visit was to begin compiling information about existing conditions in the county, gathering available maps and data, and hearing from agencies about topics like sewer and water systems, roads, and other infrastructure. The meeting was also a chance for Clarion to get to know County staff from different departments and some local agencies, and to ask questions to help them develop the planning process.

The group participated in an interactive mapping exercise to identify large infrastructure projects, important farmlands, environmentally sensitive areas, ideal corridors for future growth, hotspots facing development pressure, and impacted communities. The map will help Clarion gain a better understanding of the county’s resources, opportunities, and challenges.

Planning Department staff accompanied Clarion on a tour of the County where they saw a variety of areas from rural fields, old mill towns, industrial centers, and suburban and urban planned communities.

Later in the day Clarion met with Planning staff, and the Communications and Public Engagement Department to discuss the creation of a public engagement plan. The goal is to reach every resident of the county and to provide multiple ways to participate. The group discussed ways to reach residents, and barriers that would need to be addressed related to different languages, geographic location, work schedules, childcare, and so on.

Oct. 12-13. 2021

On Oct. 12-13, the Consultant and Planning Department staff hosted online interviews with several community stakeholders to ask specific questions about topics such as existing planning efforts, school system capacity, development pressures, and more. This is the first phase of information that will be gathered from local organizations. The second phase will include a larger survey of agencies, local businesses, and stakeholders in the Community. The first set of three public engagement windows for residents will start in December..

To learn more or get involved, visit the Comprehensive Plan website here.

List of Kickoff Week Attendees:

Buncombe County departments represented:

  • County Manager
  • Planning & Development
  • Economic Development
  • Erosion Control Division
  • Management
  • Farmland Preservation Program
  • Agriculture and Land Resources
  • Recreation Services
  • Community Development Division
  • Stormwater Management Division
  • Software Services
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Air Quality
  • Performance Management
  • Communications & Public Engagement
  • Human Resources
  • Library
  • Sustainability
  • Development Services Division
  • Solid Waste
  • Elections
  • Information Technology
  • General Services

Outside agencies represented:

  • Clarion Associates
  • Equinox Environmental
  • RRC Associates
  • TPD
  • ESP Associates
  • Fernleaf
  • S&I
  • COA Water Resources
  • Land of Sky Regional Council
  • Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSD)
  • NC Department of Transportation
  • City of Asheville

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