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Buncombe County Solid Waste Offers a Compost Drop-Off Center

A new partnership from Buncombe County and the City of Asheville aims to help reduce greenhouse gases and organic matter in the landfill by offering residents a place to drop off compostable matter. Starting Oct. 4, County residents can drop off food scraps and other compostable materials at the Buncombe County Landfill Convenience Center to be recycled into compost. The City of Asheville is operating a drop-off location at Stephens-Lee Recreation Center that also opens to the public on Oct. 4. Read more about that initiative here.

Organic waste in landfills generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By composting wasted food and other organics, methane emissions may be significantly reduced. For residents who are interested in composting but worry about bears or finding the space for backyard composting Buncombe County is proud to partner with the City of Asheville and Food Waste Solutions to open two compost drop-off locations for County residents.

In alignment with the Buncombe County Strategic Plan goals, the Landfill compost drop-off center is part of a pilot program designed to assess interest and engagement for food waste diversion and composting in Buncombe County. 

How the compost drop-off works

  • Collect compostable materials at home and make sure to remove all produce stickers, rubber bands, wrappers, ties, bags, and plastics.
  • To collect materials use a compost pail, bucket, paper bags, or other certified compostable bag.
  • At the landfill scalehouse let us know you would like to drop off your compostable materials and staff will direct you to the drop-off location.
  • Empty food scraps and compostable waste into the cart on-site.
  • Close and secure lid when finished.
  • Do not overfill.

The Buncombe County Landfill is located at 85 Panther Branch Rd., Alexander.

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m./Sat. 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

For questions about this program please reach out to


Still have questions? Learn more here.


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