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Update on $100 NCDHHS Incentive Card Program

Update: 9.23.21

September 23, 2021

Update on Vaccine Incentive Cards

Buncombe County HHS has exhausted its supply of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) $100 and $25 incentive cards as of September 23, 2021. No NCDHHS Vaccine Incentive cards will be available for the remainder of this week.

“We ran out of state-issued incentive cards a couple days before we expected to because of very good participant turnout at our outreach events this week,” states Public Health Director Stacie Saunders. “We want to thank everyone who came out to our events in the Enka and Candler area to get vaccinated. We are looking forward to transitioning to our locally supported incentive program next week and encourage folks to protect themselves and our community by getting vaccinated.”

While the NC DHHS Incentive Card supplies have run out, Buncombe County HHS will begin the locally supported vaccine incentive card program next week, while local supplies last. The locally supported program will follow the same criteria:

Individuals 18 years and older who are receiving their first dose of vaccine will be eligible for a $100 incentive card
Individuals 18 years and older that provide transport to an individual receiving their first dose of vaccine will be eligible for a $25 incentive card

Buncombe County will notify community and media partners via all available channels when the local incentive card program begins next week. Please visit to find a vaccine provider near you.