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Follow Buncombe County's Progress on Our Strategic Plan

Keeping up with Buncombe County’s five-year strategic plan is easier than ever with a new dashboard. Buncombe 2025 is a strategic plan that guides County operations with a set course of action for moving forward to drive future policy and budget decisions. The plan sets forth four priority pillars for our county: creating an educated and capable community, leading environmental and energy stewardship, improving our resident’s well-being, and taking steps to support a vibrant economy.

Visit the Strategic Plan website and the dashboard here.

You can navigate the site to see how far along the County is coming with each of its strategic goals, its Tier 1, Tier 2, and action steps associated with them, and you can even get into the nitty gritty with an interactive dashboard updated quarterly on our progress. Learn how to explore the focus areas in action with the video above.

A little background - the plan development began in July 2019 with a series of workshops with Commissioners facilitated by consultant Rebecca Ryan with guidance from UNC School of Government. Focus areas were defined by the Commissioners’ priorities and input from employees and the public was considered. You can download the Strategic Plan here.

Stay tuned because the information on this dashboard will be updated quarterly. So, if you want to see how we’re meeting our educational, environmental, economic development, and other goals - there is now an easy, organized way to stay on top of it.

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