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CITYPIXels: Piecing Together What We Love About Where We Live

Take a look around. Now, look closer.

The word "pixelated" means made of small pieces but the word, "pixilated" means infatuation with a mischievous, mythical creature called a pixie.

Looking at the world in a different way can feel mischievous. Walk through your neighborhood looking up, looking down. Look at how buildings are put together or how things fall apart.  Find patterns, shadows, twisting vines, whatever makes you stop and think. Whatever makes you feel pixelated.

Send us your favorite square-framed shots of simple, surprising thing that make you think, wonder or smile in Buncombe County.

Look for BiblioBoard on the Buncombe Public Library site. Make an account and log in. Select Menu and Buncombe County. Scroll down to Buncombe County collections. Dive into the CITYPIXels module and submit a photo.

If we get enough submissions, we'll put them together as pixels in a larger display of just what it is we love about where we live. Then we can enjoy what we love alone, together!

Get pixelated, Asheville!