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COVID-19 Updates, Testing and Vaccines

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COVID Relief: Commissioners Approve Accepting $50M in Federal Funding for Pandemic Resources

As Buncombe County continues its response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, an infusion of federal funding will give a boost to long-term initiatives. On June 1, Commissioners unanimously approved a budget amendment of $50,733,290 from the American Rescue Plan, also known as COVID Recovery Funding. The money will directly address COVID response efforts and peripheral economic fallout from the pandemic.

What can COVID Recovery Funding be used for?

The federal government provides guidance about how this money can be used and when projects must be started and completed. Buncombe County is committed to investing these funds in projects that:

  • Align to county strategic plan and community priorities.
  • Support equitable outcomes for most impacted populations.
  • Leverage and align with other governmental funding sources.
  • Make best use of this one-time infusion of resources.
  • Have a lasting impact.

What’s next for COVID Recovery Funding?

After discovering Buncombe County would receive COVID Recovery Funding, we sent a community survey to gather community input on ways we can best utilize it. We are excited to have received more than 7,000 results. At this point, we are preparing to solicit projects from the community.

COVID Recovery Funding timeline:

  • April-May 2021: Gather community feedback on possible use of COVID Recovery Funding
  • May-June 2021: Analyze community feedback & funding guidance from U.S. Treasury
  • June-July 2021: Solicit and evaluate projects
  • Aug 2021: Establish a spending plan
  • July 2021-June 2022: Launch early projects
  • December 2026: All projects complete and funds fully expended

As soon as the application process is open, we will update our website and inform our media partners.