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Commissioners Attract $3M Investment, 47 New Jobs with Economic Incentives for SLC Expansion

Arden-based System Logistics Corporation (SLC) is growing its facility and will create 47 new jobs while investing $3 million in the process. To help the material-handling solutions company with its expansion, Buncombe County Commissioners unanimously approved a one-time incentive of $100,000 pending SLC meeting investment and job creation projections. “System Logistics offers high-wage, high-tech professional job opportunities to our residents. We applaud the continued investment in technology, innovation, and people at the regional headquarters here in Arden,” Chairman Brownie Newman said on behalf of the Board of Commissioners. “This investment strengthens the County’s tax base, helping fund the services and infrastructure critical to the quality of life in our community.” SLC’s expansion plans include purchasing and renovating its existing facility while adding new technology and machinery.

These types of economic expansions for existing companies are vital for the County’s 2025 Strategic Plan priority of creating a vibrant economy. The County’s vision is to create a robust and sustainable regional economy that builds on our homegrown industries and talent while providing economic mobility for residents. “Beyond just attracting jobs, we’re looking to bring high-wage positions in sectors that create information technology and software development careers in Buncombe County,” explained Director of Economic Development Tim Love. “This is a great investment in a local company that will create 47 jobs paying an average of more than $32 per hour and with a $15 minimum starting wage for all employees.” SLC currently employs 124 people with an average wage of more than $34 per hour.

SLC is part of Krones Group, the worldwide market and technology leader for processing and packaging automation in the food and beverage sector. SLC develops tailor-made solutions of automated storage and picking for their customers, which include automated guided vehicles, stacker cranes, material handling, software, and services.

You can read more about SLC’s economic agreement here.