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Save Water & Money: Rain Barrels Available

Rain barrels capture water from a roof and hold it for later use such as on lawns, gardens, or indoor plants. Collecting roof runoff in rain barrels reduces the amount of water that flows from your property. It's a great way to conserve water and it's free water for use in your landscape.

Buncombe County Cooperative Extension has 80-gallon rain barrels, from RainBarrelUSA, available for purchase. Each barrel comes complete with fittings and installation instructions.

Pricing: Totals include tax. Make checks payable to Buncombe County. For cash please try to bring exact change. No credit or debit cards accepted at this time.

1     –     $128.40

2     –     $256.80

3     –     $385.20

This premium rain barrel fills from any size downspout through a bug-proof entry cover; a solid Brass spigot connects easily to your garden hose or soaker hose; two overflow ports can connect to standard water hoses to divert excess rain away from your home to nearby shrubbery areas; ribbed sides for strength, and a removable top for easy spring cleaning. At only 37 inches high and 28 inches wide, the 80 Gallon barrel offers one-third more capacity. The deep concave top channels water into the entry cover. The screened entry prevents insects and debris from entering the rain barrel and your barrel refills with each rainfall. Made in North Carolina from high-density polyethylene, your rain barrel will provide years of nourishment for healthy, beautiful plants.

To purchase your barrel, come to the N.C. Cooperative Extension, Buncombe County Center at 49 Mount Carmel Road, Asheville, NC 28806. To check availability call 828-255-5522.


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Published Mar 16, 2021 07:00 AM