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Lift Up Your Voice: Vance Monument Task Force Asks for Public Input

The joint City-County Vance Monument Task Force wants to hear from our community, and particularly from those most impacted by the monument, in accordance with the intent of the governing boards of the City of Asheville and Buncombe County that Vance Monument be replaced or altered in such a manner as to honor the local history of African Americans.

As part of their continued work and this clear intention, the task force will hold two virtual town halls on Thursday Oct. 29, inviting the public, especially those most impacted, to call in and share their thoughts and opinions on whether to remove, relocate, or repurpose the Vance Monument.

The task force is making strategic effort to fill their charge to provide a final recommendation for removal, relocation, or repurpose of the Vance Monument, at the conclusion of a multi-week, community-led process of historical education, public input, and engagement as named in a joint resolution by the City of Asheville and Buncombe County.

We want our residents to be included in this process. Everyone is encouraged to tune in to the meetings and keep up with the progress at There you can find agendas, timeline information, recordings of past meetings, and watch live meetings. The meetings are available on the City of Asheville’s YouTube Channel, or tune in by phone at 855-925-2801, meeting code: 9722.

The task force will provide a final report of recommendation to the governing bodies in late November and make intentional effort to share back with the community prior to the submittal.

Vance Monument Task Force Virtual Town Halls

We want to hear from you. Call In. Lift up your voice.

  • Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020
  • 4:45-6 p.m. EST
  • Call: Toll free (855)-925-2801 Use project  code: 9722

Can’t make the town hall?

Need access to a computer?

  • Call (828) 250-4102 for information on public spaces where computer access has been arranged.

Rules for public comment will generally follow City Council's rules of decorum:

  • Speakers are only allowed to speak one time during the public comment period for an agenda item.
  • A person may speak only if they have signed up to speak in accordance with the City’s procedures. Speaker substitutions at the meeting are not allowed. (no sign up required)
  • Each speaker is allotted 3 minutes to speak on an agenda item. In general, each agenda item will have up to a total of one hour for public comment. The Mayor, or presiding officer may, in their discretion, increase or decrease this time allocation depending on the number of speakers. 
  • A speaker may not share or relinquish any remaining time they have not used to another speaker.
  • Speakers shall refrain from personal attacks and/or threats directed towards City Council, City staff or members of the public.
  • Speakers shall be civil and courteous in their language. Insults, profanity, use of vulgar language or gestures, or other inappropriate behavior are not allowed.
  • Comments, questions, or jeering from the audience are not allowed. Speakers shall likewise not address or respond to members of the audience.
  • Speakers should not expect Council members or City staff to comment on or respond to their comments directly during the meeting. The Mayor, or presiding officer may, however, request the City Manager’s office to follow up with a speaker after the meeting or provide additional information to the Council at a later date.
  • The Mayor or presiding officer has the authority to enforce the Rules of Decorum. Failure to obey these Rules may result in forfeiture of the remaining speaking time.  Individuals who engage in egregious or repeated violations may be asked to leave the meeting. Speakers and members of the audience should also note the following Asheville City Code provision:
  • City Council Rules of Procedure Rule 7(e) - Persons addressing the Council are expected to observe the decorum of the Chamber, to be respectful of the Council and the public, to refrain from use of profanity or foul language, to refrain from person attacks and commentary on candidates for political office, and to refrain from making disclosures by the Personnel Privacy Act with respect to any City employee.  
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