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Get Paid to Get Your Community Counted

From Dogwood Health Trust:

Every person counted in your community during the 2020 Census brings in $4,000 in federal program dollars each year. That’s $40,000 per person over the next decade for services like public schools, early childhood education, food access, Medicare, Medicaid, small business supports, agriculture, and infrastructure projects.

Dogwood Health Trust would like to work with partner organizations who have the networks to activate and mobilize to drive Census participation. We’re looking for partners who:

  • Have direct access to and relationships to communities that are historically undercounted, especially communities of color and/or communities in remote locations
  • Have the ability to communicate directly with individual households and walk them through Census completion (either online, on the phone, or on paper)
  • Are willing to keep an accurate record of the number of people (not just households) counted through their outreach efforts. We will accept reporting on the “honor system” and will not require documentation – just weekly count reports.

To support this work, Dogwood is offering an incentive of $10 per person counted, as well as funds to support administrative time for the lead organization. This applies to any Census completion between June 29, 2020 and October 31, 2020. We will supply up to $500 in initial incentives up front, as an advance payment for the first 50 individuals counted.

Partner organizations can use incentive funds in any way they choose. For example:

  • Add to general operating funds
  • Pay incentives to staff or volunteers doing the outreach
  • Forward incentives to each member organization (if applicable) to reward their work
  • Throw a party to celebrate a strong count!

If this sounds like a good match for your organization, please contact Leah Marcus, and let’s talk!