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Interactive Food Map: Addressing food accessibility during the COVID-19 pandemic

Food insecurity is always an issue for our community, but the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded and expanded the problem. The EOC’s Food Workgroup acted quickly to determine food gaps, find distribution partners, and identify ways to connect residents to meals. “United Way’s 211 is leading the effort of publishing food resources including a website where residents can search feeding sites by location, day of the week, and type of service,” notes Community Development Specialist Rebecca Brothers.

The County and City of Asheville also collaborated to create an interactive map where you can find nearby food sources. Brothers says the Food Workgroup couldn’t achieve its mission without the help of our school systems, MANNA Foodbank, and rural food pantries such as Sandy Mush Community Center Food Pantry.

For more information about food assistance you can call 211 or check the below resources: