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Buncombe County First Responders Promote Community Preparedness

Will first responders know how many people are in your home in case of an emergency? Make sure they know how many kids, elderly, pets, and other critical information they might need when time is of the essence. Getting that valuable information to first responders is now easier for everyone in Buncombe County thanks to a new online platform.

On behalf of all firefighters in Buncombe County and the City of Asheville, Asheville Fire Department Division Chief Dan Flinn announced the launch of Community Connect. “This saves lives. If we already know how many people we are looking for ahead of getting to a home, it makes our jobs safer and increases the chance of a better outcome,” said Flinn.

Community Connect is an online platform that allows you to share an overview of your household. To share your vital household information with first responders, visit and click Community Connect. Your overview will inform first responders how many people are in your home (including pets), members of your household who have special needs or medical conditions, locations of bedrooms, where to shut off utilities, and other potentially life-saving information.  

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