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Changes to Mountain Mobility Trailblazer Schedule Ensure Continued Connections with ART


In order to better facilitate public transit throughout the county, Mountain Mobility’s Trailblazer schedules will be amended to maintain and offer more connections with the City of Asheville’s ART public transit system. The new Mountain Mobility Trailblazer schedules will be in effect beginning Jan. 5, 2020. For schedule changes please see the attached files. Starting Jan. 5, 2020, find updated schedules at

Trailblazer Routes

Trailblazer routes provide transportation around local communities, as well as connections where customers can transfer to the ART bus system or Haywood Public Transit. Our goal is to help customers travel smoothly to work, school, and appointments free of charge, through public transit. Mountain Mobility offers three Trailblazer routes; Black Mountain, Enka-Candler, and North Buncombe. Click here for route information.

The new schedules will mean start times run five minutes earlier for North Buncombe Trailblazer routes and 15 minutes earlier for Enka-Candler Trailblazer routes. Start times for Black Mountain Trailblazer Routes will vary, please see the attached schedule. As a benefit of the scheduling change, one additional ART Route 170 connection has been added to the Black Mountain Trailblazer schedule.


How Do I Ride?

  • Check out the Trailblazer Bus Finder powered by Google Transit.
  • Buses are open to the public and fare free.
  • Customers can flag down the bus anywhere along the route or wait at one of its preset locations on the schedule.
  • Customers can get off the bus anywhere along the route or connect with ART or Haywood Public Transit.
  • Each vehicle is lift-equipped and mobility device/wheelchair accessible.
  • Each Trailblazer follows the route shown on the schedule, but the vehicle may deviate off the regular route by one-quarter mile to pick a customer up from an address if the customer is unable to get to the route. If you live within one quarter of a mile of the route and want to request a pick up, please call (828) 250-6750, Option 1, by 5 p.m. the day before to request a deviation.


Table: News Item Documents
File NameSizeTypeDate & Time Added
North Buncombe Trailblazer Schedule Effective Jan. 5 2020 96 KB 12/13/2019 3:01 PM
Enka-Candler Trailblazer Schedule Effective Jan. 5, 2020 98 KB 12/13/2019 3:01 PM
Black Mountain Trailblazer Schedule Effective Jan. 5, 2020 99 KB 12/13/2019 3:01 PM