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County Communications and IT Win National Award

During the 2019 Annual 3CMA Conference (City-County Communications and Marketing Association), Buncombe County’s Communications Team won the Savvy first-place award in the category of “Digital Interactive – Issue-Specific Website” for the EmployeeFocus intranet direction and redesign. The Savvy Awards recognize outstanding local government marketing achievements and the professionals who have creatively planned and carried out successful innovations in city and county communications and marketing.

Over 950 members from more than 575 local governments across two different countries are members of 3CMA. There were over 700 award entries for all of the categories in total. Buncombe County won this award over numerous applicants, with Johnson County, Kansas taking second, and Phoenix, Arizona taking third place.

Comments from the 3CMA judges included:

“What a great redesign of the Intranet! It is so important to ensure that employees are well informed.”

“This looks like a great improvement from the old site. An inviting and personal way to change the culture of your agency by working from the inside out. Employee Focus is easy to read and visually appealing.”

EmployeeFocus was launched in January 2019 and has featured 16 Departmental Spotlight articles and over 30 Employee Spotlight write-ups. EmployeeFocus has become not only a place where staff can showcase their great work for the County, but also a place to find important organizational and administrative news, retirement celebrations, policy and benefits updates, County Manager announcements, and much more.

We would like to give a special thanks to IT Web Developers Anthony Perrone and Britton Cline for building the platform, to the staff that manage the platforms content Dan Hesse, Max Taintor, Kassi Day, and Cataldo Perrone, and to all the employees and departments for submitting content and ideas.