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Apply for the Strategic Partnership Grant Committee

This is a chance to help shape the future of Buncombe County by joining a newly forming committee to participate in a public budgeting process. Strategic Partnership Grant funding is granted to nonprofit organizations working toward outcomes in alignment with County Commissioner goals.

A new committee is being established to make grant recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for Buncombe County. The committee will consist of nine (9) members, who will:

  • Apply for membership through the Office of the Clerk to the Board of Commissioners;
  • Be appointed by the Board of Commissioners;
  • Serve three (3) year staggered terms;
  • Represent expertise in the Strategic Plan focus areas
  • Represent the geographic diversity of the County;
  • Abide by conflict of interest policies, to include not serving on the Board of Directors or staff of an applicant organization within the past two (2) years;
  • Hold open meetings and comply with public records requirements;
  • Utilize a standardized, points-based scoring system to review grants;
  • Hold in-person presentations for grant finalists; and
  • Recommend a portfolio of grants for approval by the Board of Commissioners; and
  • Meet throughout the year to monitor grants and review progress.

How to apply:

If you would like be part of this pivotal committee, please apply online by Dec. 13 through the Strategic Partnership Grants page here.

The application includes a place for you to indicate which of the 4 focus areas you bring expertise in, and to describe your knowledge/experience for each:

  1. Educated & Capable Community – A county where all people thrive and demonstrate resilience throughout their lives
  2. Environmental Stewardship – High quality air, water, farmland and renewable energy for future generations
  3. Vibrant Economy – A robust and sustainable economy that builds on homegrown industries/talent and provides economic mobility for all
  4. Resident Well-Being – A county where residents are safe, healthy, and engaged in their community

Applications are due by Dec. 13, 2019.

Contact Strategic Partnerships Director Rachael Nygaard at or (828) 250-6536 for more information.