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Commissioners Approve $2.4M for A-B Tech Enka

A-B Tech’s Enka location is getting a boost in its effort to expand. On Oct. 15, Buncombe County Commissioners approved $2.4 million for various improvements aimed at having the location officially designated as a campus, a move that will lead to an increase in state funding. Improvements on deck for the Enka location include a facilities assessment and master plan, roof repairs, and other capital investments. “I work at A-B Tech, and I see on a day-to-day basis the impact these dollars can and will make in terms of continuing to make A-B Tech a wonderful place to attend,” noted Commissioner Amanda Edwards.

The funding will come from a quarter-cent sales tax, also known as Article 46 sales tax. During the meeting, Commissioners noted the educational value of A-B Tech’s role in the community and the importance of maintaining and improving the Enka location. “I think it’s time A-B Tech makes a commitment there, it’s time for those constituents in Enka to hear there’s a commitment made to that campus,” said Commissioner Joe Belcher.