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October Garden Chores

The beauty, diversity of plant life, and our western North Carolina mountains themselves are a strong draw for our region, yet present many gardening challenges. Light patterns, rainfall, soil types, prevailing winds, and first and last frost dates vary widely depending on where you live and how you site your garden. Slopes, water run-off, views, neighboring properties, invasive weeds, insects, and wildlife are all part of the gardening experience in our area. 

That's why the Office of Cooperative Extension's Master Gardener Program created a guide to help you navigate your lawn and garden within our unique criteria. "A Gardening Guide for Our Mountains" can be picked up at the Office of Cooperative Extension at 49 Mt. Carmel Road, Asheville. 

It's filled with great information, from gardening chores for every month to:

  • Caring for trees and shrubs
  • Creating a healthy habitat
  • How to utilize a shady spot for a garden
  • Water-wise gardening
  • Mulching
  • Invasive plant and insect species
  • Getting ready for winter
  • Fertilizing
  • Garden design
  • and more

If you want more information about lawn and garden care, pick up the guide, or call the Master Gardener's hotline at (828) 255-5522