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Making Its Mark: Fairview Library Gets Postmark

Pictured Above: Margaret Dahm's sketch of Fairview Public Library that was turned into a postmark.

You could say they’re mailing it in… and County Librarians Margaret Dahm and Jennifer Prince would take it as a compliment. What started with a sketch of the Fairview Public Library (FPL), turned into a postmark that’s made its way across the globe. Jennifer was researching ways to promote FPL’s 20th anniversary and serendipitously discovered the U.S. Postal Service commemorates landmark milestones with special postmarks. “A while back, Margaret did drawings of all the public libraries in Buncombe County. When this opportunity with the postmark came up, I thought it would be the perfect image to use,” says Jennifer. “Everyone who's seen the postmark loves it. People have commented that it's a great way to celebrate this library milestone.”

Margaret’s sketch of FPL was part of a larger promotional initiative. “Our great Friends of the Library group asked me to come up with a drawing for a new library bag. Everyone thought that putting all of the libraries on one bag might look nice,” explains Margaret. “I was surprised. Who thinks of having their own postmark? Jennifer, who’s always thinking outside of the envelope.”

In fact, the Postal Service even sent the Fairview Postmaster to FPL’s anniversary party to help people get the postmark. In regards to getting your own copy of the FPL postmark, it’s only available until Monday, Oct. 7. The postmark is no longer valid for mailing, it’s only commemorative, according to the Fairview Postmaster. However, you can send a self-addressed envelope to the Fairview Post Office or visit the location and ask to have something stamped for souvenir purposes.

Congratulations to Margaret, Jennifer, and the Fairview Public Library for putting your stamp on our community.