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Get Moving with Outdoor Fitness Courses

Adults looking to increase physical activity and social engagement have a couple of new options with more on the way at local parks. Providing residents with a no-cost environment to engage in fitness for all levels is priority for Buncombe County Recreation Services and have been a top request by community members. The two new fitness zones were partially funded by a $10,850 Get Out and Get Fit grant from ExoFit and Barrs Recreation.

“Communities across the country are finding outdoor adult fitness zones result in substantially more exercise,” according to Josh O’Conner, Director of Recreation Services. “By providing these options for our residents, we can remove the barriers that keep some of them from getting the exercise they need, increase their opportunities to work out, and make the experience more enjoyable. Through careful site selection, we want to make exercise fun, promote friendships, attract new users, and improve health and quality of life.”

The fitness zone at Hominy Creek River Park (220 Hominy Creek Road in Asheville) includes 17 stations with aerobic, muscle, core, balance, and flexibility fitness opportunities:

  • Multiuse Leg Lift
  • Multilevel Steps
  • Sit-up Bench
  • Ninja Rings
  • Flying Pull-up Bar
  • Push-up Station
  • Vertical Ladder
  • Dip Station
  • Inverted Row Bar
  • Back Extension
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Medicine Ball Target
  • Horizontal Ladder
  • Climbing Bars
  • Pull-up Bar with Handles
  • Fitness Bike
  • Row Machine

The fitness course at Charles D. Owen Park (875 Warren Wilson Road in Swannanoa) comprises a fitness bike, chest/lat combo, twist and step, double cross skier, and flexibility stepper. This is one of several enhancements planned for the park including a kids’ area with outdoor musical instruments and field improvements.

An additional fitness trail is planned for downtown Asheville this fall using donated equipment. Buncombe County Sports Park currently has a small exercise zone, but will receive a small American Ninja Warrior-style challenge course as part of enhancements associated with the Enka Recreation Destination project.

Note: Consult your doctor before beginning any fitness routine. There is no water fountain at Hominy Creek River Park.

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