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Partnership to Combat Substance Use Disorders Creates PSAs

Buncombe County, A-B Tech, and partners throughout our community are coming together to address substance use disorders (SUD), injection drug use, and the impacts of addiction and opioid overdoses in our area. The following public service announcements (PSA) came about as part of these partnerships.

(30 second version here)

(30 second version here)

These videos were created by a team of passionate students and community members to highlight the importance of reducing the stigma associated with SUD and to highlight how people can support those dealing with the disease of addiction. They were inspired to make these PSAs after an A-B Tech student struggling with SUD died from an overdose. With the support of Buncombe County, the team held focus group discussions to determine the direction of the PSAs, designed the story board and scripts, and also starred as actors in the commercials.

Learn more about how Buncombe County is working to combat the opioid epidemic with the Closer Campaign and harm reduction associated with injection drug use with the Safer Campaign.

If you would like a downloadable version of these PSAs to run in your own organization, please email us at pr@buncombecounty.orgCloser Safer

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