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Buncombe Funding Helps Break Ground on Nearly 100 Affordable Homes

Buncombe County is providing $2.2 million toward a Mountain Housing Opportunities (MHO) project that will bring much needed affordable housing to Swannanoa. The East Haven Apartments are officially under construction, and the $16.8 million initiative will add 95 affordable housing units for the County. “This project will be one of the most significant to be developed in eastern Buncombe County over the last several decades,” exclaims County Commission Chair Brownie Newman. “Every unit counts and makes a difference; we need more projects like this that really deliver to meet the scope of the challenge we face as a community.” Affordable housing is one of six strategic priorities unanimously adopted by the Board of Commissioners.

The East Haven Apartment units are slated to be complete by August 2020 with the goal of having residents move in by October of that year. “I cannot say enough about how exciting it is to know 95 families will have a warm, safe, and permanently affordable home,” notes District 2 Commissioner Amanda Edwards. “When folks have a place to go home to, so many other challenges they face in their day-to-day lives become a little bit easier.”

The East Haven Apartments will provide 31 one bedroom, 47 two bedroom, and 17 three bedroom units with rents ranging from $257-$697. The location of these apartments, just off Highway 70, allows for residents to be in walking distance of grocery stores, public transit, and other amenities immediately on the corridor. There will also be an allotment of 10 apartments held for veterans, as its proximity to the Charles George VA Medical Center is desirable.

MHO will start accepting applications for East Haven Apartments in June 2020. For more information about MHO and how to become eligible for its programs, click here.