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Buncombe Policy Pivot Allows for More Affordable Housing, Homeownership Opportunities

With a focus on increasing affordable housing opportunities, Buncombe County is adjusting its zoning to allow for more manufactured homes. On April 2, the Board of Commissioners unanimously approved altering the Zoning Ordinance to allow certain manufactured homes to be in R1, R2, and Beaverdam zoning districts of unincorporated parts of the County. This move will significantly increase affordable housing opportunities and create potential for more homeownership and quality rental development while protecting the current aesthetic of existing communities.

Buncombe County Planning Director Nathan Pennington notes that the policy is stringent on what type of manufactured homes are allowed. These homes will also have to meet federal and state regulations. Some of these standards include:

  • The space below the unit most be enclosed with a skirting of stone, brick, concrete, or rusticated brick. Using foam, metal, vinyl, and wood as skirting is prohibited. Some material flexibility will be allowed for manufactured homes in flood plains.
  • The home must be multi-sectional, single-wide units are not allowed.
  • The home must be placed on a permanent foundation.
  • Wheels and vehicular signals must be removed.

“This is about equity and opportunity for families,” notes Commissioner Joe Belcher. “If you go to these areas and look, there are already manufactured, multi-section homes. What we are doing is saying expansion in those areas is OK, as long as they have the aesthetic requirements that are permanent in nature and fit in with that area.”

See the below PDF for a map of where the new policy will allow manufactured homes.

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