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Employee Spotlight: Jim Ammons and Melissa Bailey Earn Communicator of the Year Award

While the entire Buncombe County Emergency Services staff deserves recognition, two of its employees have earned the special distinction of Communicator of the Year. Congratulations to Jim Ammons and Melissa Bailey on this honor. “The award is nominated by their peers for going above and beyond their normal job,” explains Emergency Services Manager Brooke Hazlett. “This job is already so significant and impactful that anything they do beyond the norm should be recognized.”

Telecommunicators serve a vital role in answering phone calls from people in need and facilitating which emergency services to relay to those situations. It can be a hectic and demanding job, but Melissa says she thrives in the high-demand, high-stakes environment of Emergency Services. “I like to help and be a calm voice. It’s a very important job, you have to like what you do, and I love this job,” says Melissa, who has twenty years of telecommunications experience.

Jim says he’s always had a drive to serve the community. “I love being able to help people when they’re at their worst,” notes Jim who cites teamwork as a critical component to the mission of Emergency Services. “Communications is not a solo job. It’s a team effort.”

Brooke adds that Jim and Melissa are looked to by their peers as the standard for professionalism. “Jim helped train me when I started 16 years ago and is a constant for Emergency Services. Melissa is one the people who sets the standard of what our quality is. They are both exceptional,” says Brooke.

Congratulations to Jim Ammons and Melissa Bailey for your uncompromising work ethic and commitment to Buncombe County that helped you earn the Communicator of the Year award.