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2018 Name Game: What were Buncombe's Most Popular Names for Girls and Boys?

In 2018, Buncombe County got busy having babies. But it wasn’t as bustling as the previous year as there was an 8 percent decrease in births from 2017 to 2018. Last year, the County had 4,282 babies compared to 2017’s 4,652 infant output, all according to birth records from the Register of Deeds.

So, what are the most popular names for all our new girls and boys? Buncombe welcomed 28 Emma’s, keeping the name as the two-year frontrunner for girls. Meantime, another name with historical ties to the County made moves as we were introduced to 31 Jackson’s. That moved the name up from eighth place last year to be 2018’s most popular boy name.

Below you can check out the top ten for girls and boys. Also, we picked out some of the most unique and interesting names that we liked so much we wanted to share. Congratulations to all of Buncombe County’s newborns and their parents, we’re so happy to have you as part of our community. And if parents want to get a copy of their child’s birth record, you can now simply purchase a copy online and have it mailed to your home.

2018’s Top 10 Girl Names:

Emma (28)
Ava (24)
Abigail (22)
Harper (21)
Charlotte (18)
Olivia (17), Elizabeth (17), Amelia (17)
Isabella (15), Ella (15)
Scarlett (14)
Hazel (13)
Lily (12)

2018’s Top 10 Boy Names:

Jackson (31)
William (23)
Elijah (22)
Samuel (20), Oliver (20)
Owen (19), Henry (19)
Benjamin (18)
Thomas (17)
Silas (16), Noah (16), Liam (16)
Gabriel (15), Hudson (15)
Wyatt (14), Logan (14), Lucas (14), Luke (14), Easton (14), Asher (14)

 2018’s Most Unique and Interesting Names:

Boys: Rhythm, Saban, Saint Na’Ziar, Oxford, King Alphonso

Girls: Yeretzi, Psalm, Persephone, Xyiona, Jah’Nezmyriah