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Commissioners Approve January's Second Settlement Stemming from Indicted, Former Employees

On Jan. 15, the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners continued to make headway toward reclaiming taxpayer dollars stemming from alleged misappropriations by former employees. This time, Commissioners unanimously approved accepting $189,000 via a civil lawsuit against Jon Creighton. This latest settlement brings the total amount of money recouped to $3,067,000, including settlements from Wanda Greene, Michael Greene, and Guardian Life Insurance Co.

The County’s outside counsel Ron Payne notes that the settlement is a limited release, meaning should the County discover any other alleged misappropriations it could also pursue reclaiming that money.

Earlier this month, Commissioners approved accepting a $750,000 settlement from former County Manager Wanda Greene. Payne states that both settlements from Greene and Creighton could be in County coffers by the end of January.

The County is also continuing its efforts to recover all taxpayer monies that were allegedly misappropriated through a pending civil suit against former County employee Mandy Stone and the contractor Joe Wiseman and his company.