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More Convenience, Increased Data Access: New County Data Portals Boast Numerous Features

Doing business with Buncombe County just got easier. New, online data portals will save you time by allowing you to search, apply, and pay for various data, permits and more. For example, you can now pay for beer and wine licenses online. “We want to help businesses get their County beer and wine retail licenses renewed in a convenient, timely manner, while offering a way to easily find their information,” says County Tax Collector Jennifer Pike. “Online payments and information searches are new options for this process and hopefully make it easier for businesses.”

The new information portals are for the following County Departments: Permits & Inspection; Planning & Development; Tax Collection; and Environmental Health. So, why else is this important for you? Now you can search the history of permits pulled on a house you’re looking to buy; track the inspections of the well on your land; apply for electrical, mechanical, and other permits; and more. For contractors, this will greatly increase the ease and flexibility of scheduling, tracking, and paying for inspections 24-7. “Currently contractors are required to schedule inspections between 7-9 a.m. the day they want the inspection, so this will give them much more flexibility accessing our services,” notes Permits & Inspections Director Matt Stone. Our staff is also working hard to create a number of other enhancements that will be added to the online services in the future.

Here are some more highlights of features available from our four new online data portals:

Permits & Inspections allows you to apply and search for:

  • Combo permits (starting Dec. 1, 2018).
  • Pay permitting and review fees online
  • Online inspection scheduling (starting Jan. 1, 2019).
  • Electrical permits.
  • Mechanical permits.
  • Plumbing permits.

Planning & Development:

  • Pay and track permitting and review fees.
  • Track zoning and development permits.
  • Stay up-to-date on plat reviews.
  • Check the status of public hearings.

Tax Collection:

  • Pay for beer and wine license renewals.
  • Search current and historical beer and wine licenses.

Environmental Health:

  • Pay well and septic fees online.
  • Apply and pay for well water testing.
  • Search records for well water and septic tank permits across the entire County.

We hope you find the increased access to County data and services useful. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the Department directly or Buncombe County via our Let’s Talk feedback campaign.