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A Resource for Children and Teens in WNC: Caiyalynn Burrell Child Crisis Center

Updated Oct. 11, 2019: Child Crisis Center (“Child FBC”), effective November 30, 2019 as it continues to focus on the growth of its community-based services. Vaya solicited proposals from providers to take over operations of the Child FBC and has chosen Daymark Recovery Services, Inc (“Daymark”) as the new provider.

Daymark is a not-for-profit provider which already provides a host of crisis services across the state, including the operation of four Facility-Based Crisis Centers across the state. Vaya Health,
FPS and Daymark are committed to supporting the children of our communities and are working together to find viable solutions, including the seamless transition of this facility, to ensure continuity for members, staff and our community. We expect the facility to remain open and operational with no interruption of care during this change.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Angie Garner at (828) 225-2785 ext. 4578.

The Caiyalynn Burrell Child Crisis Center, a facility-based crisis and detox program, will be the only program of its kind in the region and only the second statewide. The 16-bed facility will serve children and teens who need crisis stabilization services and 24-hour supervision due to a mental health crisis, substance use or withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. It will also provide crisis care to young people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The center will have at least one professional on duty for every three people in residence, plus a registered nurse on-site at all times. The staff includes certified peer support specialists who know how it feels to reach out for help.

Anyone can call the center at any time of day or night, and a professional will be there to listen and help find answers. The number is 877-277-8873, and it rings to someone who cares. 

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