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Buncombe County seeks qualified executive search firms to submit a proposal to conduct a recruitment campaign for the position of Buncombe County Libraries Director. This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced, skilled administrator to oversee the operations of the Buncombe County Libraries. 


Buncombe County is the largest county in Western North Carolina, often serving as the economic hub of the region. Buncombe County spans 660 square miles and is home to more than 250,000 residents. Buncombe County Libraries serve residents through 11 branch locations, which are located throughout the County. The central branch, Pack Memorial Library, sits in downtown Asheville. There is also a law library located in the County courthouse, which serves the needs of both the public and the legal community. More than 129,000 Buncombe County residents have a library card, which can be used in libraries and for online library services. 

The library system has a 2018 operating budget of $5.2 million and a staff of 49 full-time, 4 part-time, and 67 temporary employees. More than half a million books are housed in the Buncombe County libraries, in addition to the many electronic resources. The anticipated salary range of the Library Director is $110,000 to $120,000 per year.               


Buncombe County anticipates the executive search firm would provide the following services. The selected Firm will be viewed as an active partner in assuring the County a high-level of satisfaction during the process, the outcome, and the cost associated with this recruitment. Detailed Scope of Services will be revised and finalized at the time of the contract. The Scope of Work shall include but is not limited to the following: 

  1. Review and/or suggest updates to the existing job description. 
  2. Develop a recruitment strategy including recommending appropriate advertisement and social media recruiting activities.
  3. Circulate the job posting with state libraries and ALA accredited library schools.
  4. Prepare a list of individuals who should be encouraged to apply and actively recruit them. 
  5. Work in conjunction with County HR staff and the Assistant County Manager to carry out the recruitment process.
  6. Screen all applications and create a recommended candidate list based on agreed upon criteria. 
  7. Design the interview process, including preparation of interview questions, scoring sheets, suggested panel make-up, and other associated tasks. 
  8. Provide comprehensive background information on candidates selected to be interviewed, including any appropriate assurances as to their stated qualifications. 


  • There is no guarantee of an award, and terms are subject to change. Submission of a proposal does not represent an award or any legally binding contract.
  • Responding firms may be asked for an on-site interview prior to the County making a final decision.
  • Services to begin upon award of contract.


Proposals must be submitted online no later than 5 p.m. on May 25, 2018 in order to be considered. The online application can be accessed at this link:  

Applicants will be required to respond to the following: 

  1. Provide the name and address of your firm. Describe what type of a business entity your firm is (corporation, general partnership, Limited Liability Company, etc.) Indicate in what state and year your business entity was incorporated or formed. 
  2. Provide a brief history of your business, including years of operation, general business description, and number of clients serviced, types of services generally offered, size of firm, and statement of philosophy of customer service levels provided to clients. 
  3. Describe the background, experience, and capabilities of your firm as it relates to the Scope of Work outlined above. Highlight any successful placements in other large public libraries during the last five years. Include a list of recent recruitments listing the name of the organization, the location, and the time to complete the recruitment.
  4. Identify the key personnel of the Firm who will be assigned to perform services for Buncombe County, and who will provide continuing support throughout the term of the contract. Provide resumes stating qualifications for key personnel and provide a statement as to the availability, continuity, and accessibility of the individuals who would be assigned to manage Buncombe County’s account. 
  5. Identify all subcontractors they intend to use for the proposed scope of work. For each subcontractor listed, proposers shall indicate 1.) What products and/or services are to be supplied by that subcontractor and; 2.) What percentage of the overall scope of work that subcontractor will perform.
  6. List at least three (3) clients (municipal/government/NC communities) for whom you provide/provided executive search firm services in the past 2 years. Provide telephone numbers and contact names for references. 
  7. Provide specific costs per services, fee payment schedule and cost guarantees, if available, for the services listed above. Include an hourly rate and description of services performed beyond the normal scope of services that would be included in a contract. 
  8. Can the client or Firm terminate the services without obligation at any time under the contract? If not, what are the separation terms? 
  9. Does the Firm provide any type of guarantees if the recommended candidate does not work out as expected for Buncombe County?


For more information, contact Assistant County Manager Jim Holland at or (828) 250-4100.

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