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In Honor and Memory of Rev. Billy Graham

Rev. Billy Graham

The Buncombe County Board of Commissioners, on behalf of our citizens, join the world in honoring and saying goodbye to Billy Graham.  Born in Charlotte, Rev. Graham and his family were our citizens for many, many years as residents of Montreat. 

The man who met with the past 12 sitting U.S. presidents, participated in eight presidential inaugurations and helped the nation through 911, became the fourth private citizen to lie in honor at the Capitol, following Rosa Parks and two Capitol police officers who died in the line of duty. 

Rev. Graham's family said that he, the son of a dairy farmer, probably would have blushed at the outpouring of love, here at home, in Washington and in Charlotte.  But for those that have gathered over the last few days, his humility was a big part of why they came.  From the time Rev. Graham’s ministry began in the late ’40s, his straightforward message never changed – something many in line outside the Capitol said they appreciated and admired.

“If you just live a simple life and love people, that’ll point people to Christ.”

N.C. Rep. Mark Walker presented legislation in the House of Representatives to have Billy Graham lie in honor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. “Reverend Billy Graham was the premier example of how faith, hope and love can transcend political parties, backgrounds, cultures and affiliations,” Walker said. “Despite holding favor and serving as a spiritual advisor to presidents, kings and queens... Graham always remained grounded in humility... Never wavering, he changed the world – bringing thousands of lives to salvation and eternal life.”

The citizens of Buncombe County are grateful for Rev. Graham and his life well-lived.