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Report a Pothole!

A common misconception is that Buncombe County has jurisdiction for road projects, traffic studies, traffic calming, or traffic signal modifications. That responsibility falls to the County’s six municipalities and the North Carolina Department of Transportation, which controls about 70 percent of County roads. However, below you'll find all the resources you need to report potholes.


Because of last December's winter storm, potholes are appearing earlier than normal across the state. They are caused by water seeping into cracks in the road and ice forming. Those cracks widen, causing the asphalt to rise while traffic loosens the pavement eventually creating a hole in the road. Maintenance crews in Division 13 will make additional permanent pothole repairs once warmer weather patterns exist. Click here to report a pothole.

You can help expedite repairs by letting us know where potholes are located by visiting NCDOT's website.
Tired of hitting the same pothole every day? The North Carolina Department Transportation (NCDOT) is committed to repairing potholes on state-maintained roads within two business days of when they are reported using the online pothole reporting system. Questions? Call 828-298-0390.

To report potholes within a municipality:

  • City of Asheville  828-251-1122 or 

    Download the Asheville App on your cellular device or visit Asheville App online to make a service request. On this site you can briefly say what the issue is, where it is and upload a photo, if you wish. You can report an issue, such as a tree down or a pothole, by name or anonymously.

    You can track the issue on the app too, and see where the issue has been referred or the work is in progress or completed.

  • Town of Biltmore Forest  828-274-0824
  • Town of Black Mountain  828-419-9304
  • Town of Montreat  828-669-8002
  • Town of Weaverville  828-645-7116
  • Town of Woodfin  828-253-4887