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Project Still Standing Launches

Buncombe County’s Project Still Standing is breaking the silence surrounding domestic and sexual violence. Survivors are sharing their true stories of hope and strength to help inspire our community to stand up and speak out. Their hope is to give other victims the courage they may need to come forward and receive services at Buncombe County’s Family Justice Center.

After Sara saw her own silhouette and story at the YWCA, she broke down later that night, grateful for the knowledge there was now a physical tangible representation of her experience.



This is Katherine’s first time sharing her story in public. “To me it’s incredibly empowering to tell my story publically. I hope these silhouettes help others to see survivors, hear them, and help them. It’s up to us to change how the public perceives survivors of domestic violence.”


Read their full stories and others at

If you or someone you know is a survivor of domestic or sexual violence, contact the Buncombe County Family Justice Center at 250-6900 to begin the path to strength, safety, and hope.


Project Still Standing Campaign was developed by Buncombe County PR and the eNOough committee. If your business would like to host a silhouette, supplies are limited, please contact