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County Makes Positive Changes

Moving Forward

The Board of Commissioners, working with the County Manager and staff have made a considerable number of policy changes  over the last few months that reflect the County’s commitment to a  system of governing that is consistent, transparent and accountable to the public. 

The changes that have been made are focused on ways to ensure transparency, accountability and equity in the way in which Buncombe County government is managed.  Some of the changes impact the workforce directly and reflect our need to balance strong workforce benefits and incentives to attract, hire and retain a strong professional workforce while being responsible to the needs of our taxpayers.   

Other changes encourage tighter internal controls that adapt to changing business models, greater use and dependence on technology as well as closer scrutiny and transparency.  These measures increase the County’s ability to identify and analyze risk and develop and manage appropriate responses with a greater focus on anti-fraud measures.

To increase public confidence in the oversight of County government, additional changes will be made to increase public access to financial information about their government. now includes links to county employee salaries and budget/debt information that can be easily researched and reviewed.  We encourage you to look through it and learn more about your County.