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Domestic Violence and Pet Safety

Domestic violence offenders often have a pattern of abusing all members of a household, including pets. Some statistics show that 25-40% of domestic abuse victims stay in abusive homes or delay leaving out of concern for the safety of their pets (American Humane Society). If you don’t feel safe in your home, you don’t have to make the difficult decision to leave a pet behind anymore. With the help of Buncombe County’s Family Justice Center and the Asheville Humane Society, your pet can have safe housing and other necessary resources while you receive the assistance you need. Just call 250-6900 for help.

As we work to address domestic violence in Buncombe County, the Family Justice Center is a centralized location where victims of domestic and sexual violence can access coordinated support from several different partner agencies including law enforcement, non-profit service providers, health care providers and government services. The Buncombe County Family Justice Center is a collaborative effort of many community partners. All services provided at the Family Justice Center are provided directly by partner agencies. Asheville Humane Society’s Safety Net Program provides support to those who need help caring for their pet. The Family Justice Center and Asheville Humane Society are committed to a safe and healthy community for people and their pets.

The Family Justice Center is at 35 Woodfin St. in Downtown Asheville. Walk-ins are welcome or call 250-6900 for an appointment. The Family Justice Center is a path to strength, safety and hope.