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Scams and Fraud: Three Things you NEED to Know!

We are all confronted with some form of scam or fraud on a daily basis whether we know it or not. The Sheriff’s Office has been engaged with community groups and individuals through social media and other means to educate our area about scams and fraud. As an overview, here are a few things you need to know.

A scammer needs three things to succeed with a scam,

First - Desire – Typically driven by money. Some scams can result in thousands of dollars in loss for an individual but many scams are a few dollars at a time. A scam doesn’t have to work every time, just enough times to satisfy their desire for cash.

Second - Skill – Knowledge of technology, awareness of human behavior, a good speaker but more than anything, knowledge of using techniques to gain more of number three, which is….. 

Opportunity –We have the most control over this part because we open the door, sometimes literally, other times by clicking on links in email, believing fake letters in the mail, answering the phone for strange numbers or not hanging up when you should. 

But with enough skill in deception and distraction, these type criminals are quite successful when we allow ourselves to become entangled in their scheme.

The sheriff’s Office recommends you: first, keep educating and protecting yourself. Visit other websites such as Federal Trade Commission, and the NC Department of the Secretary of State at

Form or get engaged with a community watch program, or follow the Sheriff’s Office on social media. We will provide more in depth scam and fraud education and by connecting more with your neighborhood you will be in touch sooner with scam issues in your area.