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Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

FEMA requires that local governments have an approved Hazard Mitigation plan in place to remain eligible for disaster recovery funding and both pre- and post-disaster hazard mitigation funding. 

Approved plans must be updated, approved and adopted every five years.  Our current plan was approved in 2011 and expires in early Fall of this year. 

During the most recent update cycle the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management has advocated the transition to regional hazard mitigation planning. 

The Buncombe/Madison Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan was funded through a mitigation planning grant administered by Madison County Emergency Management.  Planning efforts began in late 2013 and FEMA approval was granted in late 2015.  Upon adoption the regional plan will be in effect until 2021.

See the full Hazard Mitigation Plan below

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Hazard Mitigation Plan 3 MB 05/31/2016 3:38 PM