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Unaffiliated Voters CAN VOTE in the Primary

Vote Sticker

If you registered as an Unaffiliated voter and want to vote in the Primary Election on Tuesday, March 15, you can ask for a Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, or Nonpartisan ballot. Your choice does not change your Unaffiliated status or obligate you to vote for a party's candidates in the General Election. 

However, if there is a Primary Runoff, you can only participate in the Runoff of the same party that you selected in the original primary.

Easy as that! When you go to vote on election day just pick whichever primary ballot you want.

If you vote Absentee - meaning you won't be there on Election Day and you want your ballot mailed to you - you have to select the political party's ballot on your Absentee Request Form. You have to pick up (or download) an absentee ballot form and turn it into Election Services a week prior to the Primary Election. There is a section on the absentee ballot request form where you can select which political party's ballot you would like to receive.

For more information or more details, visit, or you can call Election Services directly at 828.250.4200.